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The most important initial key to riches is to have a dream. Without it, there is no destination to shoot for. There is no purpose. A dream is the same as a vision. It is what you see yourself as in the future; it is what you have successfully become or have successfully accomplished
A purpose is why you see it; and a goal is the steps you need to do to fulfill what you see within a period of time. To put it simply, a goal is a dream or vision with a deadline
I have experienced first hand the power of having a dream. It creates passion in everything that you do and you can waste a lot of time when you wrongly identify or go against your real dream
During my childhood I attended our local elementary school and the only exposure I had then as far as potential vocation was quite limited. I could either be a farmer, teacher, fisherman or a laborer
I was not exposed to too many professionals or even big business people. My father was a businessman who was involved in different small businesses and I had decided early on I was going to be a businessman just like him. That was going to be my dream, to be a businessman